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The Best Metal Detector Headphones In Years for Coin, Relic, Nugget and Jewelry Metal Detecting! Click on the titles below to view the technical specifications of each model. For pricing, please see our Cyberstore.

NEW! Now Available!
Treasure Ears
Our NEW Treasure Ears headphones were designed to satisfy the demand for an economical alternative to our professional headphone line. Great performance, features, and quality materials at a great price!  

Black WidowTM
Our NEW Black Widow headphones were created to accommodate the professional detectorist with special hearing requirements and for environments with high ambient noise levels. They have extreme output and noise blocking capacity. Still built with our "industry first" quality components, design and construction without compromise.  

The NEW Rattler headphone is designed to allow hearing outside noises in one ear thus warning you to dangerous reptiles, snakes and even someone sneaking up behind you. In your other ear, you will get the performance of our famous Gray Ghost line of headphones. Built to satisfy the needs of demanding professional electronic prospectors and gold nugget hunters who frequent areas of dangerous reptiles. We feel your safety in the field is crucial and we're sure you'll never want to use anything but the Rattler!

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Gray Ghost® BT
NEW! Now you can answer cell phone calls quickly and effortlessly in the field with our NEW Gray Ghost BT headphones!

Gray Ghost® XP
Gray Ghost quality and features now CORDLESS and specifically designed for your XP Deus metal detector!

Gray Ghost® Amphibian
NEW! The ultimate waterproof & dry land headphone for your Garrett AT Pro/Gold and Infinium detectors!

Gray Ghost® DMC
NEW! Attention Relic & Coin Hunters using Nautilus DMC metal detectors... Now you can have the superb Gray Ghost sound in each channel of  your detector controlled by independent volume controls! 

Gray Ghost® NDT
NDT means "No Down Time!" Built on the solid foundation of the Original Gray Ghost, the Gray Ghost NDT comes with two detachable cables, each with a high-quality locking connector and your choice of plug sizes. Hunt with a new feeling of security!

Ultimate Gray Ghost®
The Ultimate Gray Ghost is our second generation premium headphone with the best sound available anywhere. Top treasure hunters in every field have told us the Ultimate Gray Ghost is the new leader of the pack.

Original Gray Ghost®
The Original Gray Ghost was our first deluxe headphone and it is still the most popular for the demanding professional coin, relic, and jewelry hunter. These phones are built by detector people for detector people.

Gray Ghost Deep WoodsTM
The Gray Ghost Deep Woods is for die-hard relic hunters or anyone who pushes into the most hostile treasure hunting environments.

Gray Ghost UnderwaterTM
Totally waterproof diving headset for the beach, surf, or underwater use.

Gray Ghost UnderwaterTM for Minelab CTX
NEW! Totally waterproof headset for Minelab CTX. Hunt the beach, surf, rain or underwater.

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Nugget BustersTM
Nugget Busters were designed to the specifications of demanding professional electronic prospectors and gold nugget hunters. They are similar to the Original Gray Ghost but without any limiter for wide-open sound. If you're just getting started in gold hunting, we're sure you'll never want to use anything but Nugget Busters.

Nugget Busters NDTTM
Based on the specifications of demanding professional electronic prospectors and gold nugget hunters. They are similar to the Gray Ghost NDT but without any limiter for wide-open sound. Engineered for No Down Time in the field from cord breakage.

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Jolly Rogers UltimatesTM
NEW Jolly Rogers Ultimates have Dual Volume Controls and our famous Limiter Circuit. Everything you love about our original Jolly Rogers, but now with more features usually found only on more expensive headphones!

Jolly RogersTM
Jolly Rogers are smaller and lighter but still engineered tough for the beginner and the professional coin, relic, gold nugget, and jewelry hunter.