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Found on the Ultimate Gray Ghost, Original Gray Ghost, the Jolly Roger, and the Nugget Busters headphones.

The Problem:

All the metal detectors currently on the market, with one exception, only use one audio channel. That is why they only have one speaker. Most headphones are taken from the consumer audio market and have a stereo plug. The detector manufacturer is then faced with wiring two headphone channels to one source. It can be done two ways and some current detectors use each. Unfortunately it is not a perfect fix and it can also lead to some weird side effects such as lowered output, adjustments to one ear affecting the other, shorted connections, sound in only one ear, or no sound at all. If you have noticed weird problems when using your old home audio headphones on your detector it is due to this compromise in wiring. These problems can be solved by purchasing an adapter but that is just one more thing to buy, one more thing to lose in the grass, and it makes the plug and socket a bigger target for damage by the inevitable branches and rocks.

The Solution:

We designed these headphones specifically for the ultimate sound on all single-output metal detectors, not home stereos. Because wiring methods vary between models, we have put in a compatibility switch to undo the compromise wired into your detector's headphone socket. Our headphones can be switched between wiring methods without ever needing an adapter. Plug the unit into your favorite detector and simply flip the switch for the best audio.

The Added Benefit:

You will find that one position gives you great audio while the other is silent. Use this as a convenient mute switch to silence your detector when set aside for digging, or while conversing with a friend, all without changing your favorite volume setting!