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The Cyberstore is set up for those who do not have a Detectorpro dealer near them. There is nothing better than dealing with your own local dealer. We believe in hands-on demonstrations and comparisons of products. If you have one of our dealers near you, we highly recommend that you visit and do business with them. Send us your zip code, address or area code and we can easily let you know if we have a dealer near you. We also know that it is impossible to have a dealer in every town.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...

I have owned the Headhunter detector for (1) one year now and every time I go water hunting or even land hunting I use this machine!!! I own (6) other detectors and none of them can even come close to the finds that I have found with the Headhunter. Last year with the Headhunter I found on weekends at a local lake (30) thirty rings. And this year I have found so far 15 rings. I fractured my foot at work and got a late start this year in the water. One of the rings is a beautiful Opal ring with garnets around the opal and one of the other rings is a quarter kt. diamond ring. I also found 3 cub scout rings this year and in all the years I have been hunting, I have never found any cub scout rings until this year. I have a display case that I put my finds into for each year and this year's case is already full from my finds with this GREAT MACHINE. The thing that I really like about the Headhunter is the way the really small signals sound and are usually great finds. I have found many, many silver coins with this hot machine. And where others are having trouble with hot rocks and soil condition's even on land you can increase your discrimination and keep right on hunting.  What a GREAT MACHINE!!!!

Dennis Morrison

I detect with the Headhunter (diver). It's light, handles well, and can be used in wet weather conditions. The depth that it reaches is deceptive, even on dry ground. I have personally dug colonial buttons at 5 to 7 inches and Minie Balls up to 8 inches - and not always in optimum conditions!! It's ability in water is better still. A very fine machine.

Richard Stoerzinger

Have owned the GRAY GHOST NDT headphones for five months and love them. Compared the original phones that came with the detector, well there is no comparison. The NDT headphones furnish the dependability that I require in all of my equipment. Thanks for producing such a high quality product.

Tim Bendall

The second time out with my DetectorPro Diver I found a 925 Italian silver figaro bracelet 18.8 grams, 22k gold mans ring 8.2 grams, and a platinum wedding band 2.2 grams. All of this was found within a few hours and that`s pretty good for Canada. My over all impression of the 'Pro Diver' is fantastic, so far I couldn`t ask for a better detector.

Tom Porter

My husband has been finding many new rings and coins. The last ring a filigree with 6 large garnets only fit my wedding ring finger so I asked if he would mind if I wore it, he said he did not mind "treasure is treasure."

Sandy Prickett

My husband and I like to go treasure hunting as a way to spend time together while doing something we can enjoy. We recently purchased the Gray Ghost headphones and cannot believe the amount of finds we have had since using them. They are great!

Debbie Johnson

Just bought Gray Ghost headphones...the best investment I have ever made in headphones. Thank You.

James Welch

Grey Ghost...Best headphones I've ever had on my head.... Let's me hear the tiniest whisper of a coin.

Ron Byrd

I recently purchased a pair of Gray Ghost NDT headphones for my back up set. But guess what, they became my only pair I now use! If your not using Gray Ghost you are not hearing all you should be hearing.

Larry Kuehn

I have used Gray Ghost Headphones for about 2 yrs now. I hunt a lot and often in rough territory, I developed a short in the cable and DetectorPro fixed it VERY promptly at no charge. Great folks to do business with!

Mike Bloodsworth

I own a pair of Jolly Roger headphones that I use with my Spectrum XLT. I am very happy with them, they are comfortable, well constructed and sensitive.

Mark Shepherd

I own a Diver detector and Grey Ghost headphones. They are both top notch !!!!!!!!

Lance Bunnell

I have hunted my back yard at least a hundred times with different detectors including the M~explorer. Then a friend loaned me his Gray Ghost Headphones. As soon as I hit the back yard, I got a VERY FAINT signal about 9". Lo and behold...1896 Barber dime! GG headphones are my next gift to myself. Thanks for a product that does what it says and some !!

Juan M. Santiago

My husband bought me a Headhunter for Christmas, and on my first try at the beach I found a gold ring!

Shari Malmberg

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