Vol. 1 No. 1 August 2002
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New Format for Newsletter...
Our mailing list grew too large! Instead of emailing it to everyone on our list, we have decided to put the newsletter on our website for everyone to enjoy. Now we will send an email notice with a link to everyone on our mailing list each time the newsletter is published. This new newsletter design allows us to include photos also with the text.
Detectorpro Forum
We now have a new educational information forum on our website. We have thousands of DetectorPro customers and we wanted to provide a place where they could ask questions and talk about their finds with fellow DetectorPro hunters. Just go to any page on our site and click on the new "info forum" button under our logo. Non Detectorpro users can use this forum to ask questions about our products from those already using them. Uncomplimentary posts and rude behavior towards others will be not be tolerated and will be deleted. We want this forum to be informative, helpful and show others what is being found with Detectorpro products. Bill Crabtree of Surfscanner metal detectors will help monitor the forum. Enjoy!

New Customers
We want to thank all the new customers that have purchased a DetectorPro product recently. Please make sure you have sent us your warranty card. If you have an email address, make sure you include it on your warranty card and we will keep you informed of new products and what customers are finding. We would also like stories and pictures of you and your finds for future newsletters. Good luck and happy hunting!

Product News
Our newest headphone is the Black Widow. The feedback we are getting is they are well liked. They are comfortable and very loud.

Recently we have had a run on Headhunter Waders. We have been getting good reports on how well they also work on land. You can hunt for hours with no arm fatigue with our Headhunters. The only complaint is our Headhunter Pi. Reports are you are getting tired of digging deep holes, but you love the Pi because it goes deep for gold! Use a Pi on a worked out beach and you will be surprised how much is still there.

There is nothing more compact than our Headhunter Diver. When you have all of your dive equipment on, you what to be able to hunt with a powerful underwater detector that is not bulky.

We are working on some innovative new products, but we can not divulge at this time what they are. None of our new products will replace anything we already produce. We are always trying to come up with innovative products like our logo slogan suggests.

There have been many clones of our headphones in the past. Some have already gone out of business and stuck the customer with invalid warranties. There are also new clones popping up everyday. We have been making DetectorPro products since 1996. We back up all our warranties. If you buy a DetectorPro product, we will be here for you.

If haven't already seen our new Treasure Hunting Mouse Pads, we think you will really enjoy owning one. Click here to visit our CyberStore and choose the mouse pad that right for your style of hunting... Each has a custom designed image and quote. 

Gary Storm preparing to dive at the site. 

Archaeological Dig 2002
Many of you are aware that last year I helped out with an Archaeological dig in Antigua at Nelsons dockyard in English harbor. The information and slide show is on our website. We did the dig again this year. I was there the first 2 weeks of July and I will eventually put together another slide show showing some of the finds. I worked one week with Darin Thompson of Calgary Canada who had been there the previous 2 weeks. He had been using an airlift, got a couple of new holes started and found many items. He purchased a Headhunter Diver to use. He was new at it, but still made many finds. The 2nd week David Chaplan from Ontario Canada worked with me. 
 David used the airlift and I did the detecting. I used a Headhunter Diver. Again I used the all-metal mode because everything must come up. We found 3 huge bar shots. I have never seen any that large before. My favorite find was a butt plate to a pistol and a brass pestle. We also found coins, buttons, buckles, musketballs, cannonballs, bottles and many other items. I am hoping next year I can get everyone coordinated so we can be much more effective. The last day we had a show and the local Antigun News was there. The newspaper had a front cover shot of our finds and Dr. Murphy, but the story wasn’t going to be in until the following Monday. I left on Sunday and still waiting for my copy! — Gary Storm

Gold Coin Found
The pictured gold coin [below] was found on the Connecticut/Rhode Island shoreline in 2001. Sandy entered her coin find at the Best of Northeast Treasure show in Keene, NH. She won first place for beach finds. The following is an excerpt from a letter Sandy Crouch sent DetectorPro.

"With our son and daughter grown and building there own lives, we had more time to share together. Our best friends encouraged us to try detecting and join them in New Hampshire where we could see many brands and buy our first ones. We made an excellent choice and bought two. Our friends bought two also.

Sandy Crouch and her husband hunting the shorelines

The weight is in the headset and I‘m able to swing my arm longer… An average of five hours a day. If I slow down and keep it low my finds increase. In one year we have found $700 in change, 80 rings and typical metal toys and sinkers.

Our kids tease me, but express as long as I’m careful they’re happy I’m enjoying myself. One morning I drove south to work and proceeded to some local beaches. About 1/2 hour my pager went off… Time to go back. I showed Steve my finds and he literally grabbed out of my hand something. He asked the owner there... Who went on the computer to get some information. Turns out it was a 1907 2-1/2 Dollar Gold Piece. Wow.

A coin dealer made many calculations and would not release it from his grasp and offered me $100. I said no. The bragging rights are priceless to me. I wear a 1950’s topaz ring I found to show people young and old. Yes I do find things. I am very happy with my DetectorPro. I brag for you.

Stop and say hello if you see us on the beach."

Sandy Crouch
[Congratulations Sandy Keep up the good hunting!]

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