Vol. 5 No. 1 March 2009
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More Great Customer Finds made with a Headhunter!

“Here you go. The first time out with the Wader and I found this nice 925 Sterling Silver Ring in a fresh water lake. Great machine and easy to use.”

— Mat G.

Above are finds made with George Hooper's baby "Pearl" [Headhunter Metal Detector] George tells us "'Pearl' is the best machine ever made!" Thanks George!

Pistol PROBE Mail Bag


“Dear DetectorPro: I want you to know that I find your PistolPROBE to be best probe I have ever used. My buddy and I went to a sports field to test the probe out and we both found several more coins in the short time we hunted. The probe allowed us to pinpoint the target with speed and accuracy. It told us exactly where the target was so in most cases all we had to do was stick a screw driver under the target and lift it out. Even with my DFX showing the target down about 4 to 5 inches, the probe still signaled when I was right above it. All in all it is a great tool and I highly recommend it.”

— Phil Skewes

“This is a super good product. It performs as good as advertised. I know this first hand as I own the probes by White's and Tesoro, as well as another sold by Kellyco. Thanks for a great product! (I also own a pair of your great headphones)”

— J.E. Levengood

Check Out Our New Products!

If you haven't seen our new Headhunter PiratePRO metal detector and PistolPROBE pulse pinpointer yet, please click on the photos below to learn more about them!
“Wow... Where Has the Time Gone?”
It has been a long time since the last newsletter! A couple of reasons for this. I have been very busy with all our new products and the time just flies by. Also, we do not seem to get all the stories and pictures we used to from our customers using our products. If you have an interesting story to tell or just want to show everyone pictures of your finds, please Email them to us! We may use them in one of our future newsletters. You will notice that we have posted some pictures of finds, but with no credits as to who found them. We apologize to everyone that sent them in. Last year our main computer had a problem and we lost some saved information.

I am very excited about a couple of our new products. We introduced the PistolPROBE back in October and it has been very well received. Using the advantage of mass production, we have made a handheld probe that now has the power of our Uniprobe at a lesser price. On YouTube there have been some interesting videos made comparing our PistolPROBE with others. There are also good videos showing how it works.

We are also introducing the Headhunter PiratePro. The main difference between the Pirate and the PiratePro is we added a sensitivity control. The battery compartment has been improved and we also added an arm strap. This sensitivity control allows you to better adjust to most conditions therefore gaining added depth penetration. The PiratePro is an all-around metal detector that you can hunt in fresh water, salt water and land. It is easy to use and has excellent depth penetration. There is no other metal detector that has the all-around hunting features that the PiratePro provides.

We wish all our customers a successful 2009 and remember... If you find anything that you're excited about using our products, we would like to hear about it! Digital photos and text are the easiest for us to work with.

Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

Rewards with a Headhunter Diver

I've had my Diver model for about 3 months and I'm having lots of fun as well as plenty of exercise using it. I've searched beaches and parks up north (NY State) and the same type areas here in South Florida (both coasts). I'm finding the usual stuff, including pop-tops, bottle caps and lots of change. The most interesting and valuable item I found on Florida's west coast while visiting relatives for Thanksgiving, was a 2009 High School Class Ring. It is 10K white gold with diamonds surrounding the larger center stone. I called the factory that made it and they checked their records and said it was ordered by a Louisiana high school. The city's name was on the ring. I called the high school and they told me who the owner was and she was elated that I had found it. I shipped it back to her yesterday and she will wear her ring for graduation. It sure made me feel good to be able to return it to the rightful owner, thanks to my "Diver".

Next month I'll be going to the Bahamas for a week. I expect to be doing some snorkeling. My "Diver" will be going along with me. New treasures await! I have enclosed some pictures of my recent finds here in Florida.

Thanks for producing my "Diver". I love it.

— Robert Boucher

A Headhunter Pirate Goes Civil War Relic Hunting!
Two years ago I mentioned to my wife that I would like to have a detector to search in the swimming holes with. We live in South central Arkansas and during the late summer it is too hot to hunt for Civil War relics in the woods so I thought wading would be a good cool way to spend the summer and I may find some jewelry, regardless it would be something different.
We had a decent amount of CW activity here during the war, a battle not very far from the house, camp sites along the river and a military road that was traveled from SW Arkansas to Little Rock and beyond. She bought the DetectorPro Pirate from David Keith at Dixie Metal Detectors in Madison 
TN, a great guy and a great representative for your company too, and I got it for Christmas. It finally got warm enough to get in the water. We had searched on both sides of the river at every swimming hole looking for camps and picket posts thinking maybe that the swimming holes were used as crossings. Some places had been used for camps, others we couldn't find anything.

The river got real low and I went to hunting. First day I found two class rings and was able to return both of 'em. This past summer I found several gold and silver rings and in the last place we would have thought about finding CW relics we started digging bullets, knapsack hooks, buttons and the inside portion of a breast plate. Silver coins from the 1920's on up. Indian head Penny's from the Civil War, tools all sorts of stuff. We also found close to a million pounds of fishing sinkers, modern bullets, pull-tabs (how I hate those things) watches and cell phones. It's as close as I will ever get to deep sea treasure hunting and am having a ball, thanks for making a great detector. Most of the gold rings I found this year I sold to pay for gas, if I was unable to locate the owner, the silver I kept. Here are a few pictures of the stuff that I found. I was having so much fun that a friend that I detect with bought one and we cant wait till it gets warm and the river goes down so we can really get started being as we think we have it all figured out now. Thanks for making a great metal detector...

Tim Reaves

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