Vol. 2 No. 1 February 2003
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Texas Treasure show in Waco Texas March 15 & 16
"Still the Largest Treasure Show in America"

They invite you to a fun-filled weekend of treasure and adventure. On Friday the 14th, exhibits are assembled and Treasure Hunters gather from all directions. Two action-packed days begin with exploring the Show's treasures.

See the latest detectors and talk with the Manufacturers' representatives. View the multitude of coins, relics, shipwreck treasures, Pre-Columbian artifacts and many other interesting items displayed by metal detecting clubs. Visit with the exhibitors and dealers at their booths. Interesting and informative seminars are held on Saturday & Sunday to provide insight about coins, tokens, detectors, techniques, research material and more.

The "home style Texas Bar-B-Q" banquet and special speaker on Saturday evening follows the day's events.

Sunday's "SILVER HUNT OF THE CENTURY" brings the treasure hunter coins and tokens for prizes.

Open to the public. Contact: 

Bone 10 Show and Hunt

The tenth annual Best of the Northeast Treasure Hunters & Collectors weekend will be held in Keene, NH from April 25-27, 2003. This is your chance to enjoy an old New England town, see what others are finding, see what new equipment is on the market, and enjoy a treasure hunt at an old New Hampshire muster field. There is the possibility that television's Today Show might be at the Muster field to do a human-interest story.

For further information please contact: 

Below are a couple of links for signing a petition to allow metal detecting in Texas and Arkansas State parks. Everyone please take the time to sign and help us protect our hobby. Thank you. 

Here's a link to a petition to the Parks Dept. to allow recreational metal detecting in Texas State Parks. Would you please sign this petition.

Here's a link to a petition to the Parks Dept. to allow recreational metal detecting in Arkansas State Parks. Please sign it as well.

Detectorpro Forum
We now have a new educational information forum on our website. We have thousands of DetectorPro customers and we wanted to provide a place where they could ask questions and talk about their finds with fellow DetectorPro hunters. Just go to any page on our site and click on the new "info forum" button under our logo. Non Detectorpro users can use this forum to ask questions about our products from those already using them. Uncomplimentary posts and rude behavior towards others will be not be tolerated and will be deleted. We want this forum to be informative, helpful and describe to others what is being found with Detectorpro products. No advertising will be accepted. Bill Crabtree of Surfscanner Metal Detectors will help monitor the forum. Enjoy!


If you’re new to our site. Make sure you read our past newsletters. They can be accessed by clicking the numerical links in the header of this issue.

If you own a DetectorPro product, please let us know what you are finding! Send us a picture, tell us a story, and we will probably put you in our future newsletters!

Winter Blues

What a winter. Snow and very, very cold. Not being able to underwater or land treasure hunt makes me very unhappy and miserable. I am about 70 miles from Long Island sound. I try to go on my days off which are Mondays. I will go when I can catch the low tide during the middle of the day. As of this writing, I have made 4 trips and I have found a piece of gold 3 out of 4 times. I consider myself very lucky because these areas are heavily hunted year round with the best of metal detectors and hunters. Recently, I arrived at the beach about 10:45 am with the temperature at 13 and the wind chill below 0. I usually get out into the water and use my Headhunter PI. Even though this area is

heavily hunted, I feel I have an edge because our PI goes so deep. Today wasn’t going to be one of those days. Wind chill was too low. I decided to use my Headhunter Diver and work in the rocks as the tide was going out. In 4 hours I found 31 coins and 2 rings (1 Gold). I also found some pulltabs and lead, but not that much junk. There were lots of hot rocks there, but it was easy for me to ignore them because they give off their own distinct signal. Most of the finds were made from 1" to about 8" or 9" deep. I had no problem with the salt water. The Headhunter is a joy to use, light and easy... And of course, any day you find a piece of gold is a great day.

Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

UniProbe Coming Soon for Spring Digging!
UniProbe is a new high-powered pulse inductance probe that can be switched on or off during hunting and retrieval...  Or it can be used just as a set of detector headphones... Or with an optional searchcoil and rods, it can be turned into a complete PI metal detector! A value added industry first from DetectorPro!
Check out these quality features.... 
  • 1/4" cable with high-quality locking connector system

  • Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity efficiency, durability and signal quality

  • Special sound blocking muff up to 23 decibels

  • Compatibility with all detectors

  • 1 volume knob with stay-put segmented click positioning

  • Heavy-duty polymer muffs with full ear surround soft cushions

  • 8" long x 5/8 dia." probe rod

  • Probe rod is waterproof

  • Heavy-duty coil cord with easy disconnect BNC connector

  • Probe "On/Off" switch

  • Frequency Control

  • Threshold control

  • Up to 5-6" on coins in the hole

  • Two-Year DetectorPro Warranty

Danny’s 115 Gold

Dan Yarruso has been treasure hunting for over 20 years. He is an "all-around" treasure hunter. His main love is wading in the water for Gold jewelry. This past year Danny has found 115 pieces of gold. He uses our Headhunter Diver and our Headhunter Pulse. He likes them for their ease of use and sensitivity to gold. He also likes to travel and has taken the Headhunters to the islands. 

They use up very little space in his travels he tells us. His gold finds the last couple years would make most treasure hunters jealous. Just look at the pile of gold in the picture. Dan plans on retiring to Myrtle Beach soon. If you wish to contact him, here is is E-mail address: 

Look out South Carolina!

Why so many different Headphones?
Once in awhile someone calls and says we have too many to chose from. What is the best? My answer is always the same... Read all the different options and see what set will meet your needs and hearing requirements. We started in 1996 with the original Gray Ghost. We continually strive to fit different customer needs. We now have 12 different headphones. Like different metal detectors, they all do the job, but you like the way one works or it has an option you just need to have. Many of our customers own several different models. If you have an option you would like to see in a pair of headphones, let us know. Maybe it would be something that will be useful and add to our product line. Remember our headphones were made for metal detectors and are backed up by a lifetime warranty.

We will be setting a table up at the 2 shows listed at left. If you plan on attending, please stop by our booth and say hello.

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