Vol. 2 No. 2 June 2003
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Joan Storm
Joins DetectorPro

Starting late August, early September, you will have a new voice answering the phone 2 days a week at DetectorPro. My wife Joan retired this year after 30 years of teaching. She has been my partner on many treasure hunts and is a certified scuba diver. We look forward to having her work with us.

We Have Headphones
For Everyone!

We have 12 headphones in our line of products. The August issue of Western and Eastern Treasures magazine will feature a full-page ad featuring 9 of our headphones and our new UniPROBE. The next time you need a new pair of headphones, I am sure we have one that fits your needs. Remember... Our headphones have a Lifetime Warranty.

UniPROBE Has Been Very Well Received!

Anyone that follows the Metal Detector Forums on the internet has seen many of our customers compliment the UniPROBE. Many others have said the same thing. They felt it was little pricey, but after they used it, they felt it was well worth the price. Remember... You are buying high-end headphones, one of the deepest seeking probes on the market, and with optional rods/coil, you can convert the UniPROBE to a Pulse metal detector — The optional rods and coils to do so are now available. We have 8” or 11” coils. The price of rod with coil is $350.

If you’re new to our site. Make sure you read our past newsletters. They can be accessed by clicking the numerical links in the header of this issue.

If you own a DetectorPro product, please let us know what you are finding! Send us a picture, tell us a story, and we will probably put you in our future newsletters!

Summer is Finally Here!

What a long wait. There was no Spring here in the East. The first time I went to do some water hunting, I traveled over 50 miles to find the lake still frozen. Luckily I had a backup lake not far away that was not frozen.

At right is a picture of my boat appropriately named the Headhunter. It is all set up for underwater treasure hunting with a rack in front that holds 6 tanks. We use Lowrance Sonar/GPS electronics for our bottom readings and location. I use this boat in the local lakes, rivers and Long Island Sound.

So far this year we have found the normal assortment of rings and coins. A few of the older coins have been Barber Quarters and one 1865 Two-Cent piece. My partner got a signet ring with a small diamond and I found a turn-of-the-century ring with 3 small diamonds. We are looking forward to a good summer and hope to find great things using our Headhunter Underwater Metal Metectors. We have several interesting spots that we hope produce.

If we do well, we will post finds in future newsletters. At this time I want to thank all our customers that have purchased any of our products. Please keep us informed on how that product performs for you. Also please send us pictures and stories that we can share with others in this newsletter.

If you do not own any of our products, please make sure you checkout our entire line  — Whether you need a new detector or headphones, or decide you want to stop scratching those coins you are finding and want our new deep-seeking UniPROBE. Good luck and have a good hunting season.

Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

Finds From Nevis...

“We have gotten back from Nevis a couple of weeks ago and the pulse machine works GREAT. Very impressive on depth, some of my finds were around 16 inches deep. I only hunted in the water up to 7 feet deep. I found 2 watches (one still running but in bad condition), 2 rings (one 14K), a necklace, an earring and 59 coins. Thanks again Gary for the help in picking out this machine, it is awesome. This is exactly the same place I hunted with the Excaliber for the last 5 years. The area I hunted is about 40' by 150', since it is such a small area, I know it is the same place I hunted with the other machine. Thanks for a great product.”

Dennis Brown
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Roger's Finds From St. Martin...
One hour's worth of finds with a Headhunter in St. Martin. We can’t wait to see the rest of his finds. Roger is a DetectorPro dealer in Sequim, Washington.  

Gary : This was the find for the first evening. I hunted for a little over an hour. The buckle is a Smith & Wesson (44 Mag.), also some Euro coins and Guilders. One ring, one earring and several pendants. I will send a shot of the week's find later.   Sincerely: Roger

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