Vol. 2 No. 3 November 2003
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Detector Carrying Bag

Pocket UniProbe

Tom Denton demonstrating the Pocket UniProbe in our showroom  

Our UniProbe has been a huge success. Customers realize that they are buying top quality headphones with one of the deepest seeking probes on the market. One of the problems people had with other brand probes is they had trouble hearing their probes with headphones on. Their other complaint was that most probes only picked up a coin size target at about 1 inch. We solved this with the introduction of UniProbe. Flip the switch and you can hear your probe in the headphones. It will also pick up coin size targets up to 3-6 inches.

The Pocket UniProbe is the same electronics as our regular UniProbe. We decided to make the pocket UniProbe because there are thousands of detectorists out there that already own our high quality headphones, but they wanted a probe that could go deeper. It has a built in clip so you can hook it on your belt. If you have trouble hearing it because you have your regular headphones on, there is a built in 1/8" jack. You can plug in a small ear plug and put it in your ear under most headphones. Most customers will not need to use an ear plug because the headphone speaker is loud enough. Remember also you can purchase our Pulse Induction rod and coils and turn it into a fully operational PI metal detector. You would only have to use a converter jack (1/8" to 1/4") to use it with your headphones. We made it a 1/8" jack because we wanted to keep the unit as small as possible. Price is $299.

Todd Olsen's HH Diver Finds!
Todd Olson stopped at our store one day and just happened to be carrying a bag of finds he had located on vacation. What a nice assortment for one week’s vacation on Hallandale Beach Florida. He was using a Headhunter Diver. He likes it because it was easy to travel with, waterproof, and he could hunt for hours without any arm fatigue. And did we forget the good depth penetration! Thanks Todd for the pictures and keep up the good work!

“A Great Detector”
I purchased a Headhunter Wader aprox.a month ago and this is the greatest detector. I normally hunt with the Whites DFX which is a very good detector, but after swinging it for a few hours you need a day's rest due to its weight. The Headhunter Wader is so light I can hunt all day with out my arm getting tired and cramping up. Over the past month the Headhunter is all I have been using, it's extremely easy to use and the depth is unbelievable from such a small coil. I have found 5 rings, 2 silver quarters (1934 and 1964), 6 silver dimes (all in the 1940's), and numerous Wheat pennies. all of these finds were between 6 -8 inches deep. I have only tried the Wader on land so far and I'm looking foward to see what it can do in the water.

Thanks for a great detector,
Jaret Davies

Great Holiday Gift for the Cyber Hunter!

“Coin Hunting is a misdemeanor. The more I miss It, da meaner I get!”
Treasure Hunting Mousepads Exclusively designed and illustrated for Detectorpro. Click the pad to visit our Cyberstore and purchase.

If you’re new to our site. Make sure you read our past newsletters. They can be accessed by clicking the numerical links in the header of this issue.

Summers Gone, Winter's Coming!

Our summer here got a slow start, but as I am writing this it is 27 degrees here. Burrrrr! I personally have had a good treasure hunting year. I found my normal assortment of coins, jewelry, bottles and relics. I hope most of you have done the same. The main thing is getting out with friends and having fun. By the time you read this newsletter, I would have just gotten back from vacation to the Islands. I hope I can tell of lots of gold and silver found in the next newsletter. Fall is a great time to metal detect.

I want to thank Danny, Todd, Nelson, Jaret and Robert for their comments and pictures of their finds in this newsletter. I also want to thank everyone else that has called or emailed telling us how much they like our products. If you have found something with our detectors or you feel one of our accessories helped you find it, please let us know.

Christmas is just around the corner. We hope some of you are interested in our products and have them on your Santa's Wish List. In this newsletter for your convenience, I have listed all of the products we make and their prices. Print out that section of the newsletter and just casually leave it lying around the house for everyone to see... You know, subtle like! :-)

Enjoy the rest of the season and find lots of treasures.

Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

Danny Does It Again!

What a collection of Gold. Not quite as much as last year but that was because it rained a lot on the weekends. Danny will probably move to Myrtle beach soon since he will be retiring this year. Congratulations on your retirement and good luck in your new adventure. Keep up the good work with that Headhunter!

Nelson's Treasure!

I know you have asked me to send you a picture of some stuff I've found so here are some of the goodies. I’ve been telling everybody about your detectors and have been encouraging people to get in touch with you or "Mr. Bill" with any questions they may have about your products. I love the PI but I haven't got the chance to use the Diver much. The little time I have spent with the diver has proven to be enjoyable and the hours I've put in with the PI have given me a chance to really get to know it. I can now distinguish round sounds (rings and nickels), long sounds (screws and hairpins), and Gold and other metals — all with pretty good accuracy. I wouldn't trade the PI for any other water detector. As a matter of fact, I sold the first one I had to buy a more expensive PI, but quickly realized what a mistake it was and had another Headhunter Pulse within 48 hours of selling the first one. This thing is absolutely hot for gold. I’ve been hitting water I know that has been pounded hard by other detectorists and I'm finding items dating 100 years back and more. I found an 1869 nickel along with 4 gold rings all within 30 feet of each other. I had a local jeweler put an approximate date on the rings and he said he believed them to be 100 years old or more. Thanks for the great detector and here is a shot of most of the jewelry I found with the pulse, the stuff not in the shot is at this very moment being worn by my wife and my mom (they love this hobby even though neither one of them has never picked up a detector).

Nelson Blum

A Great and Happy Decision...

A lot of us that metal detect tend to run with the pack when buying that first or second unit. I was in the same group until I read an article in Lost Treasure about the DetectorPro Wader. To say the least I was hooked at what I saw and read. Having a land machine, I was in the market for a lightweight, simple to operate, powerful fresh/salt water machine. My budget was under a thousand dollars. I did as much research on the unit as possible prior to buying and found not one single negative comment about the company or its detectors and particularly the Wader. All the emails and postings I received were very positive and some great stuff was being found to boot. I bought my wader and started working my local northern California beaches and and some old home sites. My finds were in wet and dry sand. Operationally I found, that because I’m not watching a LCD screen, my recovery time is way up. The tones for coins, rings and jewelry are very crisp and clear while iron is easily determined with low discrimination. You really have to use the machine to appreciate its ease of use, light-weight and quality construction. The more time your coil is in motion the more you're going to find… period. To date (10/25/03), this is some of my Wader finds in 2 months of ownership: Six gold rings (one being white gold); A solid 24k gold bracelet; two 14kt. Gold chains (which my land unit could not have found); Solid 14k gold watch; and lots of silver rings and jewelry. I found most of this gold in the off tourist season. I found the Wader equally capable for land hunting having hunted several old home sites. I’m looking forward to the storm season so the beaches will get ripped up!

[Happy Hunting... Headhunter... Same thing we think!]

If you own a DetectorPro product, please let us know what you are finding! Send us a picture, tell us a story, and we will probably put you in our future newsletters!

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