Vol. 3 No. 1 June 2004
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Dealer Profile

Another nice find for
"Mr. Bill" Crabtree!  

Gary phoned me recently asking for a brief narrative about myself and my business Surfscanner Detector’s. Explaining that he was putting together another of his very popular newsletters, and he would like to highlight some of his dealers in it. Let me give it a go at trying to describe me, and Surfscanner Detector’s.

In 1998 I became acquainted with Eric Foster of England. This relation was the start of Surfscanner Detector’s. At this early stage, Surfscanner Detector’s was involved in manufacturing and supplying custom made PI detectors. Initially my focus was toward beach and water detecting. During this early time, I had purchased a Headhunter Wader for my personal use. I was impressed with the innovative concept of the detector, the quality, and the performance of the unit. In short time I phoned Gary at DetectorPro, and asked about becoming a dealer of his products. DetectorPro was the first commercial detector line that Surfscanner Detector’s brought into its product set up. It was the start of a very good business relationship between dealer, and manufacture.

From those early day’s of Surfscanner Detector’s start up it has progressed a little bit larger, and we now are a multi-line dealer, covering both water, beach, and land hunting. What started as a small expansion of my metal detecting hobby has turned into a full line business.

Now if I can just find a "tad" bit more time to go detecting.

Best regards,
"Mr. Bill"

UniProbe Feedback!


I hunted a park for a little bit one day last week and can honestly say the probe is what you claimed and more. I had a signal at 9-7 inches and was able to roughly pinpoint it with the detector. I dug a plug and got down about 5 inches and turned on the probe. WOW!!!! I not only was able to accurately pinpoint it (still another 3 inches down), but was able to avoid a lot of additional digging as I new exactly where the coin was even though it was still 3 inches down.

I found that on several coins that were showing 2-5 inches, I was able to pinpoint without even digging. This made popping the coins out with a screwdriver very easy and almost a joy. I was actually smiling at how greatly improved my detecting experience was now that I had such a wonderful tool.

All I can say is THANKS for making what we needed. Funny thing is I asked one dealer about something like this a while back and his comment was "It isn't suppose to pick up more than an inch away… That is why it is a probe and not a detector…" Obviously the guy did not see the irony in his comment, nor the business potential. I would, and will be ordering another one (I always keep a spare around) as a backup and a loner for my hunting buddies.

Thanks again Gary!!!!

Greg Moss

I bought my UniProbe last year and love it. I have been detecting for about 5 years and I can't believe I went this long without this technology. I have tried several pinpointers, but the depth and convenience of the UniProbe can't be beaten. Before my UniProbe, I never had my pinpointer when I needed it, but that is no problem now because if my headphones are on, I have my pinpointer.

Stephen Sparks

I was visiting my wife's aunt in Vermont this past weekend and found 2 great coins. A 1853 & 1849 one cent piece. If it hadn't been for my new Pocket Uniprobe I may have missed the 1853 since it was in a hole about 9 inches with 2 nails. Kept looking and there she was!!! I use a Minelab Explorer II detector and really like the results I am getting with your probe. I do have a few suggestions though...

1. A louder speaker for near road or noisy conditions.
2. A square upper part so the Velcro sticks better and the probe doesn't fall off.

Other than that.. It's A KEEPER. Great for doing old cellars with large rocks for foundations... Look in between the rocks for hidden treasure. Sometimes I don't even pinpoint with my detector if its a shallow item... Just use the probe to find it... And it's quicker that way. Well enough for now... Thanks for a great product... OH! One more thing... I accidently left my Black Widows on the trunk of my car one day and drove off to never see them again... I now have your Jolly Roger Ultimates and they are great too.

Glen Spoor

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Whatever Happened to Spring!

As I sit and write this it is 80 in May. Whatever happened to Spring? One day I am freezing out in the woods with the wind howling and temperatures in the 30's and the next day I am baking. At least us water hunters will enjoy warmer water early.

2004 has started very well for us. All are products have been selling well. Customers love the depth of our probes. Owners of our Headhunter metal detectors are not only loving the lightness and ease of use, but also how sensitive they are. I also want to thank Bob Sickler for the nice article he wrote in Western & Eastern Treasures magazine, May '04 issue. We get to hunt together a couple of times a year. He wrote an article about friendship and also about our probes. As usual our headphone sales are still growing. We feel that most customers still would rather buy the original than buy one of the many copies that have shown up in the marketplace. Remember, our headphones have a lifetime warranty and no return postage fee.

I just got back recently from the Best of the Northeast Show and again we were surprised how busy my booth was. This is a nice show for metal detector enthusiasts in the Northeast.

We are working on a NEW land version of our Headhunter series. If things go well, we should have it on the market sometime this year. We will give out more details as we get closer to a release date.

I also have added a new feature to our newsletters. Dealer and Distributor profiles. I would like our customers to learn more about the people that sell our products.

As always, we hope everyone has an enjoyable year. We want to thank those of you that have purchased and use our products and the many happy customers that contribute to this newsletter. I hope everyone finds the treasure they are looking for, whether it is that rare coin or relic, or the treasure of having fun with friends. Best Of Luck 2004!

Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

Lightning Fast!

Hi Gary!

I got my repaired unit back in lightning fast time! Thank you so much for getting it out so quickly. I was very anxious to get back detecting so I went to a new beach and look what turned up in the first 5 minutes!

I think it is working just fine!

Steve Walsh
Puerto Rico

Hunted to Death?

This probably doesn't qualify as a lot of stuff, but it was found in an area that has been hunted to death. All items are silver, the coin is an 1899 S quarter. A good start with a great machine.

Dan Clark

[I think we can all say that those finds are great for anybody's day. Congratulations Dan!]

Our Man “Robert” Strikes Again!

The following photo was sent in to us by one of our customers. Due to some computer problems we lost the name of who sent us this photo. If anyone recognizes this photo, please email us so we can give you credit. Thank you.

Mousepads for the Treasure Hunter!

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"Water Hunter"

If you own a DetectorPro product, please let us know what you are finding! Send us a picture, tell us a story, and we will probably put you in our future newsletters!

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