Vol. 3 No. 2 November 2004
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Prop-er Recovery!

Hello Gary,
I received my detector back today. Wow, now that's quick service. I have enclosed a picture. This prop was lost off a running motor and buried in 12 inches of mud. Being in black water the only eyes I had were my Headhunter. I am a volunteer on a public safety diving team. This detector has been in rivers, ponds and several other harsh environments looking for murder weapons and other evidence. With all the controls in the headset, it's easy to operate without being able to see. Thanks for a great product and great service.


Good Detectorist!

Hi Gary,
Saturday, I made a dive with the Diver and had a great time. A couple of months ago, a detecting friend got us permission to hunt a swimming area that made us cautiously optimistic. We were told that it had never been hunted even though they had been swimming there for more than fifty years. We finally hunted the site Saturday. My first three targets (recovered in less than a minute) were two clad quarters and a '51 Franklin Half. That was a good sign. Included in the finds were five silver coins, eight rings, 99 other coins, and various other targets. Most of the rings are Sterling and I look forward to cleaning them up. The class ring is from 1969 and 10k. That school is only a mile from my house. I already know the name of the owner. I want to take it to the jeweler to have it cleaned before I call her. She will have it by mid-week. I love my Diver.

Thanks for a great product,
Chuck Pourciau
Shreveport, LA

Finds of the “I DO” Variety

Hi Gary and everyone at DetectorPro!
I got to tell you about my latest find!
I went out yesterday and I found a small, odd looking gold ring. Like nothing I had ever seen before, but it was gold so that was good. I posted it on the Findmall Website and a member comes back and says, "That looks like part of a bridal set. You better go back and look for the other piece."

I went back today to where I thought I had found the ring. I started detecting from the shore out 15 feet into the water when I got a good tone. In went the scoop and out came the other ring! I kept sweeping and found a nice man's 14K and a plated ring that's seen better days. When I got it home, they were a perfect match!

I couldn't believe it. I thought it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but my Wader came through....Again! My second 3 ring day in 3 outings! I am now a believer in "0" discrimination.

I ran into my buddy who uses a Garrett and he said that he can never find rings with his unit. The Wader is a ring magnet!

Puerto Rico

Keep On Tick'n!

Hi Gary,
Found these rings .925 silver — 14k wedding band — Watch still running — Coins at a local place in TN. where boaters play on the weekends about 2 hours of hunting — Wife went with me, says she wants to learn to detect???? GOLD FEVER?? Got any scratch & dent units for sale for wife? — Ha Ha!

Thanks for a fine detector,
Ralph Hix

Keeping Up And More!

Hi Gary,
My name is Ralph and here is some of the finds this year searching popular beaches and places boaters gather here in TN. Thought you might like to see what I have found. My hunting buddy has a Whites underwater detector that's much heavier and cost more and I still find as much, if not more than him. Thanks for a great detector.

“I Was So Very Lucky...”
I can’t believe it is November already and Christmas is just around the corner. I hope everyone has had as much fun and luck as I have metal detecting this year. I am sure many of you did. We watch the posts on the forums and see all the great finds made with our detectors. We also read about how helpful our headphones and probes are. We’d like you to look at some of the finds posted in this newsletter by our customers. We want to thank all those that have sent in pictures and comments. We really appreciate it.

This year we will be introducing our land version of the Headhunter. We have added an optional built in line probe and will also have a 10” coil available. We hope to get this out by Spring. I have been using a prototype all year in my land hunts. In the spring I found an exceptional coin. It was a 1788 Vermont Colonial in great condition. I also went to Colchester England this fall. What can I say? I was so very lucky. On the third day I found a Celtic Gold 1/4 Stator, about 50 BC, my first gold coin. I also found a couple of hammered silver coins, 45 coppers and many neat buttons and relics. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone. We slept in an English home with homemade English food. We hunted 10 hour days on farm fields that gave you the opportunity to find some real old coins and relics. If you want to have fun and hunt to your heart's content, give it a try. All treasure trove laws are obeyed.

The Christmas season is almost here and we will be having a Christmas Special. All Headhunters purchased now until 12/30/04 will include a free Scuba Mask & Snorkel (varieties & colors may vary).

I do have to bring to your attention a problem that keeps coming up on the internet. Every once in awhile we are made aware of someone selling one of our products in

the classifieds. They advertise that it comes with blank warranty cards. These detectors are used and will not be covered under warranty. We require our dealers to send in the warranty cards. If they don’t, we still want them to send us the sale information. This protects the dealers and customers. We track all sales. One of the benefits of buying new, is that your product has a warranty. We pride ourselves in taking care of our customers. We have a policy here... If a product comes in for warranty; we drop whatever we are doing and take care of the problem.

By the time this is posted, I should be getting back from digging in Virginia. I will be looking for Civil War relics. In the next newsletter, I hope to have some finds to post and tell how our products faired.

Have a great holiday season!

Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

Knocking Our Socks Off!

Hello Gary,
Here are finds made from a friend "Denny" searching a certain fresh water lake here in California. He's made 26 trips to this lake keeping track of his finds. He loves the machine and is knocking our socks off with his finds. We can't keep up with Denny. The lake he hunts is flooded with people every weekend, which is when he does best.

Wish you all the best Gary,

Relic Hunting in the Carolina's

Hi Gary,
Enjoyed my new Diver model. Only been in the water with it once, but had a great dive. Still getting used to it, but I think I'm going to really enjoy using it based on my dive Saturday, I love it and would be interested in perhaps selling them here in SC with a dedicated website. Anyway here's a photo of the relics I found Saturday with your great product.

Paul Culver
"Dr. C"

Our Mystery Man “Robert” Strikes Yet Again!

2 Reale 1717 Potsi Mint assayers tr and y....Yabaruri I think or something like that. This is a GOOD find money wise. Jewelry mounted... It was black with corrosion, but it cleaned up a bit.”


Sand County Choppers!

I just wanted to show you a photo of my newest finds with my Wader. I found these rings attached to a small gold chain at a beach that had been supposedly "cleaned out" by a Garrett detector.

BTW, the teeth came up in the scoop with a coin. A "bonus".

Steve Walsh

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