Vol. 4 No. 1 May 2005
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Best Buddy!

I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I love my Diver and so does my 4-year old son Matthew. When you remove the center rod for diving config then it's a perfect fit for him and I must say he has located a target or two also. He gets real excited when it beeps and he finds another "dodder" Maybe I'll get another one for Christmas... Diver detector that is. Thanks for a great product.

Ron Davis
Laporte, TX


Mrs. PI

Gary...Thanks for the great service, hate to bother you but could you send me a tracking number so I can make sure I am home when it comes... We go to the beach most days... No big deal if you can't.

Thanks again,
P.S. My bride with HH PI, hard to get it away from her!

“Awesome Machine”

Hello Gary,
I wanted to let you and your staff know that your Diver is an awesome machine. These are just the gold jewelry finds [above] I made with the Diver while wading at a "worked out beach". All this and numerous more silver jewelry [below] and old coins (lots of silver) were made in just 3 months (didn't get my Diver until late July). I'm waiting for the ice to break here in Illinois so I can take the Diver diving.

Thanks again,
Keith Rosdahl
Lake Villa IL

If you own a DetectorPro product, please let us know what you are finding! Send us a picture, tell us a story, and we will probably put you in our future newsletters!

“I Think Spring is Here!”
I think spring is here! It is May and as I look outside it is raining and in the forty’s. I am sure most of you haven’t gotten in the hunting you want because of the bad weather nation wide. It should break soon and we all will hear about some great finds. This winter I did get to Long Island sound a couple of times. I used my Headhunter Pi and was very successful. I found 6 pieces of Gold. You had to see the deep holes I dug. It keeps me in shape. The Pi is not for someone out of shape. As of this posting we have made some improvements and changes in our Headhunter line of detectors. Also please note that there have been price increases. We have been holding the prices for 7 years. We all know that everything has gone up including our costs to build units. We have tried to add more value to our products with the increases. Some of the major changes are the Headhunter Diver / Wader now use a straight coil wire instead of a coiled cord. This is heavy duty practically unbreakable cable. We are also using the same cable on all our Headhunters from ear to ear. This will eliminate most wire breakage. The Diver and Pulse will now come with an underwater connector because we will offer interchangeable coils. (8”+10” Diver) (8”+11” Pulse). The Wader will be available with a 10” coil also but will be hard-wired. Our NEW LandPro version will give you the option of a built in probe. We have also introduced an Underwater Uniprobe. This is our Headhunter PI muff with a probe. You can use this underwater probing around rocks on shipwrecks or any other tight spot. As with all our probes, you can add coil and rods and make it a complete detector. We will not have full stock of anything right away. So if you’re interested in anything get your order in. Supplies will be limited for awhile. We do not have many of the old versions left. They will remain at the older prices. Our website is now updated.

If you are a owner of one of our products and like to talk about it or learn more, check out our forum at There are some good treasure hunters there and you will be impressed with the finds. They will also answer any questions you have about using our products.

Warranty: I have to bring up the subject of our warranty policies to make sure it is clear. All our headphones have a lifetime warranty, our detectors and probes have a 2 year warranty. The warranty is for the original owner only. If someone buys a used detector we will still fix any problems but for a fee. Also beware of someone selling used and saying warranty is still in the box. Dealers are required to send us the information or warranty card.

Lastly, we at Detectorpro want to thank our customers for sending us pictures of their finds. Everyone enjoys seeing what others have found. We also would like to wish that everyone has a great season. We hope you enjoy the outdoors and find some of the items you wish for.

Good Luck,
Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

“Respectable Haul I'd Say!”
A few of us, and hopefully more to follow, on the Find Mall Detectorpro Forum have posted our finds with these machines for the year of 2004. I've suggested they also send some of these pictures in for use on your webpage. I hope this won't be a problem for you.

Here are pictures of the coins other than clad, the silver bits and rings and the gold I found with my Diver over the summer of 2004. As you know our season in Alberta is quite short but still, the diver managed a respectable haul I'd say. These pictures do not include the many costume rings and ear-rings etc or all the clad that also added to the fun I had with the Diver. Great machine, Thanks!

Scott Fraser
Devon, Alberta



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