Vol. 4 No. 2 December 2005
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More Great Customer Finds made with a Headhunter!

Above are just a few of the many great photos of finds we receive from our customers. These finds also come from Mark Emmerson and were noted: “...This weekend ‘finds’ with your Headhunter PI. Chain 10K, anchor 14K, child’s ring 10K, man’s ring 14K.”

Headhunter Finds Nugget!

We have had lengthy conversations on detecting at the shop. I used to live in Poughkeepsie [NY] and now reside in Florida. I go to Alaska once a year to prospect for Gold and fish for Salmon. I had a great find this year in the second of July in 3 feet of water on the edge of a tailing pile that ran into the settling pond. I received a huge signal on my Head hunter... Thought it was going to be another tin can by the way it sounded, but under a couple cobbles comes this 4.5/8 ounce nugget. 

You can just imagine the rush when I saw the glimmer, I slipped off the algae covered rocks I was standing in 2 feet of water and fell into the 45-48 degree water. After that second initial shock of the cold water, I grabbed the nugget and headed for dry land where I could marvel at it. I'm still marveling at it!! Without my Headhunter this nugget would have been missed. I'm looking forward to my next adventure in Alaska and will surely bring my Headhunter and search all the areas that the land based machines can't go. My odds just got better!!

Thank you for a terrific machine.
John Casey

Caribbean Finds by Kim

Quotable “Quotes”!

Gray Ghost original headphones on my DFX have made hunting fun again. All I hear are the targets now.
Stewart Ladd, NY

Without question the finest pinpointer probe on the market. Thank you for finally coming up with a decent pinpointer.
Ed Redfield, Oregon

Your products really work exactly like promised. They are all top of the line and unlike similar products, they live up to promise..
— (anonymous)

“Another year has gone by already.

Check out our NEW Headhunter LandPRO!
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Another year has gone by already. Where does the time go. We have heard industry wide that it has been a down year but all of us here have been too busy building our products to notice. We have added a land version of our Headhunter series called the Landpro and made upgrades of all the other Headhunters. Our probes have proven to be the deepest on the market and kept us very busy trying to stay up with the orders. Even though there have been many copies of our Headphones, we remain the industry leader in custom headphones.

One of the things I did different this year is close our retail store on Saturdays in July and August. I vowed that if I were home I would make a dive in the Lake I live on every Saturday. I have dove my lake for over 20 years. It was never the most exciting. I have found a few gold rings and coins over the years, but like most of us the grass is greener on the other side. Well what a surprise. I had the best time. I was really looking forward to my dives. My 3rd Saturday, I jumped in the water by my dock and not 20 feet from it I found the most gorgeous Diamond ruby antique ring. Some of the other things I found were a purse with 2 Barber quarters and four pennies. An 1876 seated quarter, 1865 two-cent piece, 3 walking half dollars, another gold ring and a few pieces of sterling jewelry. I also found a few antique bottles. It was great fun.

All of us here at Detectorpro would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays and say a special Thank You to all of you that have purchased our products.

Gary Storm
Owner - DetectorPro

No Pain, No Gain!
In the attached photo are the good finds of this past weekend. From left to right: - a 9K English gold ring; I really do dislike finding 9K - and am always tempted to throw them back in! This one was found deep. Then a very heavy (it’s quite thick) platinum ring with a small diamond. Last is a 14K ring with a missing small diamond. All with the Headhunter PI.
And yes, I did sort of ‘curse’ you when some of those holes went deeper and deeper! I hit the beach at 3 a.m. one moonlit morning, and by 10 o’clock I thought both my arms were going to drop off. Pain! Crawled out of the water mumbling incoherently something about ‘wait until I get my hands around his neck’, or words that sounded something like that. Still, I had found that nice platinum ring, three silver pieces of jewelry and a handful of coins. All was forgiven after the painkillers kicked in!

Many thanks again,
Mark Emmerson

Our New LandPRO Metal Detector!

Headhunter Landpro
A simple, powerful, lightweight metal detector that makes
treasure hunting fun again!

What do you get with a Landpro?

  • All electronics built into the headphones for lightweight use
  • Headphones of the highest quality in the industry
  • In-line probe to help pinpoint target with the flip of the switch
  • 8 or 10 inch searchcoil
  • Simple “turn on and go use” with very deep ground penetration
  • Great battery life

Read More About the LandPRO!

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